Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Selected moments of selected webcams

Ever missed a nice view of a webcam? Or wondered how the landscape would look like in a different light? Or in different weather conditions?

For about 4'000 of the webcams at, we now show nice snapshots or snapshots that differ from the usual view. We call them "selected moments". You'll find these selected moments right below the webcam image. Click on one of the three thumbnails to see more selected moments in a bigger size. Have a look and check out this webcam

The "selected moments" are provided by Upicto. Upicto is a start-up that developed this tool to provide automated snapshots of webcams. With their technology they can choose snapshots of moments that show something special, that is different from the usual view the webcam shows.

We are currently testing their tool with a subset of the webcams on

Here are a few more webcams that have the "selected moments" enabled:

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