Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Official webcams.travel iPhone App

WorldView, the official webcams.travel iPhone/iPod touch App hits the AppStore! WorldView is free and brings the world into your pocket. Check it out:

Download WorldView from the AppStore for free!

Explore webcams worldwide with an elegant, friendly, and intuitive user interface. Watch over 14,000 webcams from all over the world in fullscreen on your iPhone or iPod touch when you're connected to the Internet.

All webcams listed at http://webcams.travel/ are available to view. Search for a specific place, for nearby webcams, or even take a look at popular webcams from around the world.

Some key features:
  • Manage unlimited webcams using bookmarks
  • Watch webcams newly added, recently viewed, or being popular on webcams.travel
  • Get a random list of webcams, just shake the device to reload the list!
  • Ability to view an daytime image of a webcam
  • Ability to view a time-lapse video of some selected webcams (currently 50, growing)
  • Promote a webcam to your friends via email or Twitter
  • Save the current image to your Camera Roll
Learn more on the WorldView website.