Saturday, April 11, 2009

FAQ: How Does The Webcam Submission Work?

When submitting a webcam, the webcam submission will go through the following process:
  1. The submitted webcam will be checked by our staff for several criteria.
    The most important criteria is that the webcam is of touristic interest. Indoor webcams for example will never be accepted. Furthermore it is important that the webcam image is of sufficiant quality and up-to-date.
  2. Our system will test the webcam server if a download on a regular basis is possible.
    It sometimes is the case that IP addresses from outside the webcam server are blocked by default. In this case, our IP address must be put on the white list for outside access.
  3. Reverse location lookup.
    Given the provided geographic location of the webcam from the webcam submission, our system automatically determines the nearest city. It may happen that this city is slightly wrong - i.e. a neighbor city - in this case just provide us the right city name by using our feedback form.
  4. Our staff will give the final approval.
    If everything seems to be OK our staff will approve the submitted webcam and as of now the webcam will be instantly available on However, there are some delays for the new webcam displayed on our map and on our partner sites (i.e. Google Earth, Google Maps, and others).
  5. Alter webcam information.
    It may happen that you need to change any earlier provided webcam information. Of course, you can do so. In this case just go to, click on «My Webcams» in the main menu and click on «Edit this webcam» nearby the webcam you would like to edit.
Depending on the current load of submissions this process can take several days. The users of will be grateful for your patience, since we can provide a very high quality standard going through this process.

Thank you very much for your upcoming webcam submission.