Thursday, March 19, 2009

FAQ: Inactive Webcams

It may happen that a webcam gets inactive. This means this webcam didn't update the image for at least 20 hours.

After a webcam has changed it's status to inactive, two things will happen:
  • The owner of the webcam receives an e-mail where he or she gets notified of the status change,
  • and we are checking in regular intervals if the webcam updated the image.
In the notifiaction e-mail we provide a link where the ower can update the URL of the webcam image in case this URL changed. The updated URL will be reviewed by our staff and if everything is OK the webcam gets reactivated.

If the URL did not change and the webcam is just temporarily out of order the owner does not to have to take any further steps, because our automated checking process will recognize a new webcam image as soon as it is available. This will automatically reactivate the webcam and the owner will receive another e-mail saying that this webcam is active again.