Friday, October 3, 2008

Amazing Webcams Gadget For iGoogle

Did you know that we provide a new iGoogle gadget lately for our featured, most amazing webcams? If you use iGoogle you can use our gadget to see the most beautiful webcams from always on your iGoogle start page. Oh, and did you notice? We use this gadget currently at the ride side of our blog at the top. Although we use it ourselves, it is quite nice to see that the gadget has been welcomed also by other users. As one of them currently commented:
«Great variety and great quality: other webcam gadgets tend to show small images from webcams in poor locations with bad views. This gadget is great! With each refresh of the page you get a great view of different locations around the world. The map feature even takes you to that place for tourism information etc. Best webcam gadget available!»
Try out the Amazing Webcams gadget for iGoogle yourself.