Thursday, October 2, 2008 Mapplet Featured In Google Maps

Hurray, the webcams from are now featured content in Google Maps. If you use Google Maps you can just click on "See more maps" under "Browse popular maps" and then click on "Featured" to see the featured mapplets, where one of them is now the mapplet (see screenshot). Click "Add it to maps" to try it out and browse all our webcams within the map of google - together with your other map content.

Of course, you can also access the webcams from on our own map, as usual. But if you use Google Maps anyway, you have now an easy way to also access our webcams by using the mapplet. This may be of special interest, in case you use multiple maps. Lets say you want to book a hotel on the Virgin Islands. You can blend in the hotels from your favorite hotel mapplet and at the same time blend in the webcams nearby by using our webcam mapplet as well. Then you see hotel offers and pictures from the place at the same time on the map (see screenshot).

Have fun trying out the possibilities of our webcam mapplet now.