Monday, January 20, 2014

New API Method for Maps

We recently released a new API method which is called "".

It lists the webcams in a given bounding box (bbox) at a given zoom level. This method is most useful for displaying the webcams on a map. The webcams are selected based on the given zoom level, such that they are evenly distributed over the given bounding box and they will not overlap when displayed on the map.

With this method you can display the webcams similar to our map.

Please check out the documentation of "".

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Timelapse Movies: Important Update

In short: We will replace the current ~100 day-timelapse .mp4/.webm movies with day/month/year timelapse movies for all webcams via a new player in the API.

Current Timelapse Videos

As you might know, we currently provide timelapse videos for a manually selected, small group of webcams within the API. Timelapse movies are currently available as .mp4 and .webm.

These .mp4/.webm timelapse movies will be discontinued as of 1st of May 2014.

However, the XML structure will still remain the same. This means, that the XML will look like this for every webcam by the time of deactivation:

New Timelapse Player

In the near future, we will provide a timelapse movie via a new player for every active webcam on for the last day, month and year - if we were able to download the necessary images. They will be accessible by a new HTML5 web player - in your app and website.

There is no official date yet for the new timelapse player. However, you can subscribe to this blog or follow us on Google+ ( to be among the first to know when the player will be available.

Friday, October 25, 2013

How to migrate gadgets from iGoogle to igHome

This post is for iGoogle users who want to continue using the gadgets from
You can do so with igHome.

Follow these steps to migrate the gadgets from iGoogle to igHome:

  1. Create an account at
  2. Click on "Add Gadgets" in the top right corner:
  3. Navigate in the left menu to "Create Your Own Gadget" and click on "From a URL":
  4. Click on "Add it now":
  5. Now you will be directed to the igHome start page again. Your new gadget should now appear in the upper left corner. It is just blank for the moment.
    Now enter a gadget title of your choice together with one of the following URLs for the gadgets:

    Random Webcam Gadget URL:

    Featured Webcam Gadget URL:

    Mobile Website Gadget URL:

    If you've chosen the "Mobile Website Gadget", it should now look like this:
  6. Click "Save". Now your gadget is ready to use.
  7. If you wish to adjust the height of your gadget, you can click on the "e" in the upper right corner of the gadget (symbol in the middle) and change the gadget height as you desire:
  8. Voilà. Enjoy your new igHome gadget from!
  9. You can repeat steps 2-8 if you want to add more gadgets.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Upgraded webcam quality

We have been busy lately, upgrading the quality of our webcam directory. This upgrade consists of a first step into categorization and the review of our featured webcams.

Webcam categories
Every webcam has now one or more of the following categories (for now - soon to be more):

  • Landscape (standard)
  • Meteo (showing a good amount of sky)
  • Traffic (showing a good amount of roadways or street)

You can access these categories for now as detail information for each webcam in an API result. However, we are planning on creating a filtered access available in a future API version.






You cannot access these categories on the website yet. However, we make already use of them when selecting the lookouts in the right column on Lookr. They are always selected out of the same category:

Featured webcams
As of now, we had more than 800 featured webcams. It lies in the nature of webcams, that they change their quality or even subject over time. And of course, the standard raised over time as well. So, we decided to have a second look at each featured webcam and selected now only the most fascinating ones to keep. In summary, we reduced the amount of featured webcams to currently 424 awesome ones!

See all newly selected, featured webcams for yourself at

PS: Follow API on Google+ for future API developer updates
PPS: Keep up to date for new featured webcams by following Lookr on Google+.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lookr - Take a look around the world

Dear blog readers

As of today, we launched a new website called Lookr on It's the next generation of and allows you to view up-to-date and timelapse pictures of places all over the world.

This blog will be directed to API users only in the future. If you are still interested in the news about webcams and such, please follow Lookr on Google+ to get the latest updates.

Check out Lookouts on Lookr (, the new

Monday, July 15, 2013

New Spanish (Argentina) Translation is now available in 32 languages! These days, we welcome our 32nd translation which has been provided by our community member KNTRO.

Have a look at the translation for our Argentinian users of

We thank KNTRO very much for his efforts doing this translation and contributing it to our community.

We are looking for volunteer translators who want to update the existing translations or add new languages. Take a look at our volunteer translator program

Thursday, April 4, 2013

26'000 Webcams

Since it's been not so long ago (about 1 month), when we announced 25'000 webcams - we just say: wow!

We are very happy that we receive so many webcam submissions each day. And already, we are looking forward to the "27'000 Webcams" announcement!

We recently updated our webcam submission policy in such way, that we hope to be more transparent to our users in order to give you a more precise idea of what webcams we are looking for and looking forward to.

In case you are considerung adding a webcam for free yourself to right now, let us inspire you by showing a few webcams we love to watch:

Webcam Lagos - Algarve, Porto de Mós - Europe, Portugal, Porto de MósPorto de Mós Webcam Cape Town - South Africa - Africa, South Africa, MilnertonMilnerton Webcam Vancouver Downtown - North America, Canada, VancouverVancouver Webcam Tokyo - Asia, Japan, AriakeAriake Webcam Schlosshotel Art Furrer - Europe, Switzerland, BrigBrig Webcam Talvik - Gronnlia - Europe, Norway, TalvikTalvik